3 Apr 2013

Worry Wart

I worry alot.  About stupid shit mostly.  But other important stuff as well.  Like money, and eating too much chocolate, and do we have enough milk in the fridge to make coffee?  You know, that sort of thing.  Now that I'm a parent, the worrying has increased ten fold.  But that was to be expected.

So when we decided to go away for the long Easter weekend and stay with my brother, for free, I got a little worried.  Ok.  I started freaking out.  So much so that I tried to invent reasons not to go, even though I was desperate to get out of here, even if only for a weekend.  I didn't voice any of these ridiculous things out loud  I just kept them inside, festering, like I'm wont to do.  I know.  I'm an idiot.

Stupid reasons were as follows:  I hate disposable nappies, so we can't go because I don't want to use disposable nappies; my arms are really short and I can't get the Mushroom out of the portacot; the Mushroom won't sleep and will cry and cry and cry and it will be awful and my brother will hate us; we can't really afford to go away; I don't want to ask anyone to water the plants; I like my bed; my brother is a vegetarian and we like eating bacon for breakfast.

See.  I told you they were ridiculous reasons.

Despite my incessant worrying that it was going to be bloody awful, we survived Easter weekend away.  With a baby.  And it was wonderful.  Huzzah!

The legitimate things that I was worried about were the car ride as Mushroom is prone to mega meltdowns in the car, and the sleeping thing. I didn't want to be away, a guest in someone else's home, and have a screaming child who wouldn't sleep.  And spending money on frivolous stuff when we still have one car off the road.  I got so worried about the whole stupid thing that I barely slept the week before.  On Thursday I started wondering if Juffin would still get paid on Friday being Good Friday and sometimes shit just doesn't work on Good Friday.  I was tempted to go into the bank and take out our savings just in case.    But guess what? He did get paid!  Huzzah.  And guess what else?  The Mushroom did sleep in the car, mega huzzah! Annnnddd, yep, you guessed it, the Mushroom slept just fine in the portacot, and I could get him out despite T-Rex arms so huzzah's for Africa!

The Easter Mushroom!
We swam, we ate the worst fish and chips ever, I had a few sneaky beverages, and we ventured to the Tablelands and bought chocolate and coffee and ate ice cream.  It was awesome.  All that worry for absolutely nothing.

Yes.  Obviously I'm an idiot.

I'm now feeling a little bit more confident about our trip to Brisbane in a month's time, just not too sure about the whole flying thing.  Or the fact that our flight is at 7pm.  Shite!