29 Apr 2013

Six Months

I have not abandoned my blog!  I'm still here!  We've just had a crazy month last month and amongst other things, I've been trying to be a better housewife... it's a work in progress.  I made the bed this morning.  No shit.  Wonders will never cease.

Big cheese!  
We made it to six months on the 22nd and I cannot even believe that we made it this far!  I know everyone says it, but where did the time go?  I feel a bit silly about some of my earlier posts now.  I should have just been enjoying my little baby boy instead of worrying about every little thing.  I guess it's easy to say in hindsight and I probably wouldn't have listened to myself anyway so that's my grain of salt I guess!  I'm definitely making up for it now (insert smiley face here).  

The Mushroom has developed in leaps and bounds in only a few short weeks.  He can now roll across the room in record speed and loves tricking me by hiding under the coffee table! In the last few days he has started to pull himself up to a sitting position and enjoys sitting here and playing with his toes from this whole new angle.   

Flooring it 
Added to the rocking and rolling is now commando crawling arm over arm across the floor.  I'm well aware that my house is nowhere near baby proofed but I think we're both in a little bit of denial about the whole thing.  The Juffin seems to think a simple "No, don't touch" will work....  He is as deluded as I am.  I'm only realising now that this baby will eventually grow up into a real live boy and it's kinda doing my head in... 

Other milestones include babbling away with lots of new sounds like Dadadadddddad and Mumumumumum but not in reference to us, just in general.  I was so excited thinking that he was naming us but he wasn't.  At all.  Just having his Chatty McChat time.  It's quite obvious that he takes after me as he squawks away to whomever will listen, the cookie monster, his mobile above his bed, the floor... He's also squealing and screeching alot and then gauging our reaction.  Attention seeking so and so.  The boy is definitely getting loud!  

Loving the sweet potato and vegie spaghetti
Mushroom started having big boy food in earnest a week or two ago, before this he had only tried some rice cereal sporadically and random some fruit pieces.  When he started putting the spoon into his own mouth, we decided to do the three meals a day. We are trying BLW but we do spoon some food into his mouth as weetbix are a little hard to eat by hand!  Unsurprisingly, the Mushroom loves his food.  His meals look a little bit like this: weetbix with banana or peaches for breakfast, greek yoghurt with cous cous and pumpkin or vegie sticks with hummus for lunch and he's tried lots of different things for dinner like: spaghetti bolognese, sweet potato cubes, lamb madras, broccoli spears, hummus, beans, and shepherds pie (which we didn't like much!) Basically he'll have a toned down version of our dinner but with steamed vegetables.  He absolutely loves fruit but I'm trying to make sure he doesn't get too much.  Greek yoghurt is also a favourite.  I make sure he has lots of cooled boiled water with every meal as there have been incidents of 'blocking up' if you get my meaning... poor little Mushroom's face goes so red when he's straining!  

No teeth as yet but lots of ear pulling, and night wakings so may not be far away. As we're still breastfeeding, I'm in no hurry for teeth to appear! 
Lil poser!  

Our days are varied and I try to keep it fun and interesting for him which can be a challenge!  He likes to sit on the bench in his bumbo whilst I'm baking/cooking, banging on pots and pans and wielding a wooden spoon like a sword.  He loves singing and dancing, and I have the radio on all day so if a song takes our fancy we'll have a little dance around.  I have made fold the nappies into a game (this includes spreading the nappy out over his face whilst he squeals with delight push folded nappies over) and we're getting lots more laughs now. The Jolly Jumper is a favourite but I try to make sure he doesn't spend too much time in it.  We try to get out for a walk most days but sometimes it just doesn't happen!  On Thursdays we meet up with our friends at Riverway or the shops and it's nice to get out of the house.  Friday's are swimming lessons in the morning and usually out for the day visiting people, and doing some shopping.  Swimming lessons are a favourite and I'm so glad that we started so early. 

At six months Mushroom weighed 7.3kg and was 67cm in length.  He's wearing mostly 00 but like adult clothes, some of these are a little big but 000 definitely too small!  I went through a phase of dressing him in shorts and t-shirts but then realised that I wanted him to look like a baby for a bit longer and we're back to onesies and singlets with a nappy.  I just want him to stay small forever, sob....  there's no way I would have said that six months ago!!  

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