15 Apr 2013


We've had some pretty crap sleeping happening again lately but I'm not going to go into it as it's the same old story... on a more positive note, I have yet to lose my mind and my clever little Mushroom has started to rock.  No, not like 'Oh yeah Mushroom rocks' like rocking back and forth.  On all fours.  You know, what babies do in preparation to crawl.

Wait, what?! Crawling!!  I'm freaking out!  Where the hell did the last six months go?  I'm not ready for crawling.  My house isn't ready for crawling.  My baby cannot be ready for crawling already!

I should have seen it coming as over the Easter weekend my brother (shout out!) mentioned that the Mushroom was trying to crawl.  Being a young man with no children, I dismissed his comment, Mushroom is way too small to be crawling I thought to myself, he won't be crawling for ages!  Sorry brother.

What I couldn't ignore was that the Mushroom was getting particularly dextrous with his 'circle work' and rolly polyness.  Crossing the room in seconds and pushing up more frequently with a baby's version of the push up. He was stretching more, turning more, growing more confident and exploring his surroundings.  I started to get more wary of things on the floor.  Coffee cups, stray pens, shoes... nothing is safe.  I even witnessed some floor licking on several occasions.  Ewww. (Note to self, clean more!)

We have tiles so the little guy was not getting much traction on his play mat as it kept sliding around.  It was only one day after a sleep I discovered that my boy had a new found skill.   Apparently the cot is the perfect environment for baby gymnastics.  I walked in there the other day and there he was gurgling it up, smiling at me and rocking back and forth on all fours.

Despite my best attempts to capture the moment on film I had been unsuccessful until today.  So here it is.  My Mushroom being awesome.

And my photography being shithouse.

Ok.  I'm well aware that it doesn't look that impressive judging by the photo's.  But it is.  My little boy is growing up too fast.