23 Mar 2016

Kindy Fail

It's no secret that I enjoy baking.

And cooking.

And eating..... all the foods.

But yes, I bake, usually at least once a week.  For the lunchboxes.

We always have baked goods in the house, some sort of muffins, usually banana, biscuits, lately cheese scones, this Mama likes cheese scones.  Usually a sweet and a savoury item.  At present we have mini cheese, corn and bacon muffins and we just finished off a double batch of choc chip oat cookies.

On Wednesday's I start work at 8am, so it's always a rush as Juffin and Mushroom are loathe to get out of bed before 7am.  Yes, you read that right, 7am!  Most of the time, I have to wake them up and get them out of bed.  Of course on the weekend, Mushroom will be up at the crack of dawn and there will be no sleeping in whatsoever, oh the irony!

This morning I was hustling, hustling, hustling.  You know, shouty Mummy, hurry up do this, hurry up do that, get this, get that, get off the toilet, get on the toilet... blah blah.

We race out the door 15 minutes later than I would have liked and get to kindy with no minutes to spare.  I am greeted with Good Morning Max!  Are you excited for the Easter party today...



I have a big piece of watermelon and sheepishly put it in the fruit basket in the fridge.  I cram the lunchbox in there, looking for a quick escape, I can see plates of food to share that other parents have bought in on the bench.

I literally have no time to go to the shops and they don't bloody open until 8 anyway!  I'm trying to avoid the educator's eyes as I cuddle Mushroom goodbye.  I can't come back over at 9.30 for the bloody party and bring food then either as we are swamped at work and seriously, it's my last day tomorrow.

Oh the shame, the humiliation!  I actually have muffins I wanted to yell, I can bring them in tomorrow!  I'm just totally shit and totally forgot!

Do you think if I make something tonight and he takes it in tomorrow to share that that would ok?  I feel awful!

Mushroom with the Easter Bunny
I put a rabbit over the other child's face... because privacy