27 Nov 2012

Baby Carriers

So I'm a noob when it comes to all things baby. I had the basics down pat, I'm now realising that I need all this other crap as well.  Like a carrier, a sling, a jogger pram, saddle bags to strap onto said jogger pram, a better behaved baby... just kidding, but you get my drift.

In an attempt to get some housework done, I thought I'd get a baby carrier.  A front/back pack thing so I could move around the house, and free up the hands to hang out washing, vacuum, cook tea etc.  I did some basic googling, and the Baby Bjorn kept coming up, so I thought shit, I'll do that.  I read so many bad reviews about slings in general that I thought I won't bother.  I don't remember reading any bad reviews about the Baby Bjorn.   At all. And I seriously looked at this shit for days.

So got onto good old eBay and Gumtree and went to it.  Found a lady selling an Active Baby Bjorn for $20.  Perfect.  Organising to go have a look and pick it up proved challenging.  I'm still unable to drive, not long now.  Juffin works 8 to 5 and the lady has 3 small children so evenings are no good.  Weekends are always full up and over too quickly and we can never seem to get it to work.  Finally I ask my lovely parents if they could take me during the day.  Success!  This morning I met lovely woman at Lollipops and we did our wheeling and dealing.  Carrier in clean, working order, looks great, happily part with my $20 and we're on our way.

I didn't think for a second that Mushroom wouldn't like the carrier.  He is a cuddle monster.  I thought he'd love to be up on my chest all day long.  I didn't think about the pressure on his little crotch or that his legs would be dangling all day like that.  I didn't think about anything really.  So no surprise when we get home and Mushroom hates the Bjorn.  Screams blue murder.  There's no support for his legs, his little frank and beans must be getting squished, and he looks lost inside it!  I take it off immediately. I mean what am I supposed to do?  Make him wear it whilst he's screaming the house down!  

"No Mum!!  I hate that Baby Bjorn!  Get it away from me!" 
After a feed and lots of cuddles Mushroom calms down and drifts off and I text my gal pal and ask her what carrier she uses.  It's an Ergo, which I looked at and dismissed because of the price.  And because everyone kept saying bloody Bjorn!  I got online and actually did some research and came up with the following information:  I'm an idiot who buys things without thinking, and I'm an idiot.  Thanks be to Ganesha that I bought the bloody thing for $20 and didn't pay full price for it!  Madness!

The offending item.. Baby Bjorn anyone?!  
I'm now tossing up whether to get an Ergo or a Mei Tai.  I have tentatively bid on an Ergo on eBay but have my doubts that I'll get it.  And I kinda wanted it like yesterday.  Any advice on slings and baby wearing are welcome!  I want to get my house back in order and can't expect the Juffin to do every bloody thing!

Will keep an eye on eBay and cross my fingers that I win and that the Shroom likes it!  I have had a bad week thus far with my stupid baby brain so hopefully things will improve and not get worse!

Also, moral dilemma, is it bad karma if I re-sell the offending item on eBay?!

Next time:  Who knows?!  It's a mixed bag over here!