6 Mar 2013

Self Settle

My amazing little Mushroom is now able to go to sleep all by himself!

I didn't do anything, just needed to go to the toilet and he wasn't drifting off so put him down and when I got back, FAST ASLEEP!

More proof you say?  The other day we were at the shops and I was having lunch with a friend.  Mushroom just closes his eyes and GOES TO SLEEP!  We weren't even moving!

A girlfriend came over for coffee on Monday, Mushroom is whiny and starts rubbing his eyes.  Pop him in his hammock, and off he goes to Neverneverland.

I've even heard him wake up, obviously not ready to get up, have a little chat, stick the thumb or fingers in and he nods off again.  Amazing.

This 'going to sleep on my own' business has been going on for a couple of weeks now and whilst we don't have success every time, it's definitely getting easier.  We are also regularly getting a long sleep of 1.5hrs + every day now, which is huge after serial catnapping for as long as I can remember.  I feel like a super Mum who can achieve anything!

It's a small victory in a month of bad starts so I'm taking it.  I'm also starting to feel a little redundant.  My boy will continue to need me less and less from now on... sob.

Sleeping like a baby.  Literally.