28 Mar 2013


I'm living with Superman.

No really.

Not because he's helpful and fun and lovely and a good cook and all that stuff.  Which he most definitely is.  But because he can lift really heavy things.  Like our bed.  Which I tried to move this morning and ended up hurting my arms and landing on my butt on the floor.

See. It's huge. And very, very heavy.

And yes, I'm aware that our bed is not made, I'm one of 'those' people.  I generally pull the doona up and that's my version of making the bed.  SuperJuffin doesn't seem to mind.

The doona hasn't been pulled up today because I was cleaning our room and packing away Mushroom's hammock so we can put the bed back where it was. I thought I could do this alone and be really productive and housewifey so it was all sorted when the Juffin got home from work today.  Alas.  Not to be.  I couldn't even move it a centimetre, let alone the many centimetres it would need to be moved to get it back to it's pre-Mushroom position.

How did the Juffin do it?  He's strong but I really had no idea.  I'm now in awe of him and his giant muscles.  That are hiding under his pasty white skin.

My plan to return bedroom to pre baby days has been thwarted by the heaviest bed in the world.  Ugh.  I guess I'll go do some washing or something.  (Read sit on my ass and watch Modern Family.)