24 Mar 2013


Last night the Mushroom slept in his own room.

Egads, you say!  He's five months and he was still sleeping in our room?!

I have my reasons, and none of them are what you think.  Here they are:

  • It's hot here.  Like stinking.  So we have airconditioning.  Airconditioning is expensive.  If the Mushroom stayed in our room, only one airconditioner is running.  Not so expensive.  
  • The Mushroom sleeps in a hammock.  That was a present from my MIL after the cot was purchased and assembled.  The hammock stand is huge.  If we put the Mushroom into his own room earlier we would have had to put him straight in his cot, or take the cot down and use the hammock.  As a crappy sleeper I didn't want to put him into the cot until he was a bit older.  And couldn't be bothered disassembling cot only to have to put back up in a month or two. I'm lazy.
  • Breastfeeding through the night can be exhausting if you have to run back and forth between rooms.  More recently I have fallen asleep with the Mushroom on my lap whilst breastfeeding in bed.  Everybody does it so you can understand why running back and forth between rooms would make things harder.  You have to wake up properly to walk.  See my previous point, I'm lazy.
  • Night wakings were increasing so thought even less of a reason to put Mushroom into his own room.  Have been toying with the idea that perhaps it was BECAUSE he was in our room that he was waking.  I guess time will tell! 
  • Rolling over in the hammock is not particularly safe, which he only started to do this week.  
Then came all the usual stuff, can't hear him properly, can't see him, cot so big, rolling around all over cot yada yada yada.  

Last night we went out to a family BBQ. The Mushroom was doing his usual, I'm not sleeping after 3pm thing so he'd been up for 4 hours before we even got there.  The car ride was abysmal, screaming his nut off, that's what happens when you won't sleep mister!  As per usual he is smiling and happy as larry with all and sundry at the BBQ but starts to meltdown about half hour after arrival.  After some desperate breastfeeding, rocking, and shhing etc Juffin gets the pram out of the car and takes him for a few strolls up and down the street.  Success.  What a wonderful Daddy!

Despite all the talking, lights and noise, the Mushroom sleeps for most of the evening out with only a couple of little wakings but not much fuss.  I'm very proud of him but exhausted after many nights of waking up 3 or 4 times so tell the Juffin to get a wriggle on.  It's after 10 pm and someone offers me a jelly shot.  It's hard to say no. 

We manage to get home and I take the sleeping Mushroom to his room to try to change his nappy and put on a sleepy suit quietly but we have a MEGA scream fest.  Poor thing must have gotten a fright when I put him down on the change table as it's not soft and warm like his pram or car seat, so sensitive!  Juffin and I tag team and get a fresh nappy and a sleepy suit on in less than 2 minutes.  World record effort!  

I zip him into his sleeping bag and whip the boob out to top him up before bed then when he's settled and drowsy I gingerly lower him into the cot.  I have T-Rex arms so this is harder than you realise.  I have tried to make it as much like his hammock as possible.  We have put his sheepskin in there (yes I'm aware of the SIDS risk but he loves it and is very strong with his head and neck control) and his blanky.  I put a blockout blind on the window it's nice and dark and cozy.  I may have gone a little overboard but it must be hard to sleep in a cot after the constant motion of the hammock so I'm making sure it's as easy as possible and crossing everything that he sleeps ok!  He stirs a little bit when I put him down but he just sighs and is totally out to it. 

Here's where things get really cheesy.... I stood at the door for about 2 minutes just looking at him in his big cot and I started crying.  LAME!  Tears came out of my eyes because my Mushroom was in his own bed in his own room.  I then went and got my phone to take a photo.  SUPER LAME!  Over the course of the night I got up no less than 4 TIMES to check on him and stand at the door.  LAMEST!  I am one of those ridiculous mother's!  

After all that carry on the Mushroom sleeps until 6.45am.  The longest sleep we've had from him in weeks.  I can't believe it.  And instead of enjoying it, I've tossed and turned all night worrying about him!  Fingers crossed that he sleeps ok tonight and that I can actually relax enough to catch up on sleep as well!