25 Mar 2013


I feel so much better about parenting and my crappy no-sleeping baby after devouring the articles on this site:
http://www.troublesometots.com/ (Thanks to the lady on babycenter who recommended it!)

You're all familiar with my Mushroom's sleep issues.  Well it looks like we were going through a bit of a sleep regression, which then turned into habitual waking.  Which is bad. We went from sleeping through the night and starting to self settle during day naps to waking 2 hourly at night and feeding to sleep again during the day.  Backwards.  And it's ok to do these things for a week or two but six weeks, longer?!  I can't even remember how long it's been going on but it was definitely time for a change.

So we started with own room.  Success on the first night, slept through.  Then there was two wakings last night, and tonight the little turd just woke an hour and half after putting down.  I'm not comfortable with not feeding at night at all so I managed to feed once last night and rock back to sleep the next waking.  I was feeling pretty proud of us actually.

Tonight I rocked back to sleep after sending the Juffin in there to see if he could settle him but he's a bit crap at it and the crying just escalated.  I managed it in under 10 minutes of rocking, shh-ing and butt patting.  And not in a creepy butt patting way.  Babies like butt patting, trust me.

My problem is this, if I now start with the rocking does that just replace the feeding?  And then how do you graduate from rocking?  And over what period of time do you start to reduce the rocking and start putting him down semi awake?!  I'm not comfortable with lots of crying as I think he's still too little for that so it's a pretty long endeavour at the moment. The whole process is exhausting for me and the Mushroom...  but I'm trying to be strong and firm and consistent!  Perseverance and must remember that I'm the boss not little dude who's only been on planet for 5 months!!

Hard to be tough when he's got a face like this!