19 Dec 2015

Sick... again

Today my food intake looks like this:

A carrot
Copious cups of lemon and ginger tea
Two lemonade icy poles

I'm sick. AGAIN.  This pregnancy has seriously been nothing but one shitful illness after the other!

First there was gastro, which I thought was morning sickness, but then turned out to be gastro because you don't nearly shit your pants when you have morning sickness. Dr's advice, plenty of rest and fluids... yeah, right...

Then the headaches kicked in and have been ongoing the entire time.  Paracetamol is balls by the way. May as well just eat tic tacs.  Just saying.

We hit the 20 week mark and I stupidly think maybe this is it, maybe I've been as sick as I'll get but no, because last week I ended up getting fucking conjunctivitis, yes, PINK EYE.  I had to have the whole week off work and looked like something out of a Japanese horror movie.  You would assume that childhood illnesses like conjunctivitis would be common in a household that contain small children, EXCEPT THE MUSHROOM DIDN'T HAVE IT!  Just me!

Yesterday I went for a walk in the morning and hung out at the park with the Mushroom and some friends.  Got home around 1.30 and felt absolutely flogged.  I put it down to broken sleep and not having done much in the way of exercise for a while.  I passed out on the couch with Thomas the Tank blaring and didn't wake up for 2.5 hours.  God knows what my toddler was doing in that time but he is still alive and managed to get his lunchbox out of the fridge and eat the entire contents.

I've now spent the last 24 hours in agony as I can't breathe out of my nose, every joint is aching, my back, my neck, my head... I am gasping for breath like a mouth breathing frog and honestly feel like chopping my own head off to save myself the misery.  My sinuses feel like they're full of fucking lead.

Actually dying

The Juffin has been very helpful today keeping the Mushroom entertained whilst I flop about complaining and gasping.  He even attempted to go Christmas shopping but returned an hour later.. amateur.

To make matters worse, I can't even go to bed early tonight as we are now off to see Star Wars.  I've already paid for the fucking tickets and I'm not wasting $45 so fingers crossed I don't die in the aisle on the way to my seat.

Apologies in advance to all those attending.  Undoubtedly you will get my pestilence now.  Sorry.

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