13 Dec 2015

Triumphant Return

I had this whole thing in my mind about my first post back being about how time just flies by and all that rubbish but honestly, who wants to hear it? The facts are, I am, and always have been, a useless, procrastinating, unmotivated individual.  The proof of this lies in the following unrelenting truths

  • I am yet to finish my certificate IV
  • I hate doing housework and will wait until it becomes mission critical that I wash clothes (let alone fold and put away)  
  • I never make my bed
  • I am still overweight despite yearly attempts since the age of 12 to shed my fatness
  • I haven't blogged in over a year 
  • I am having a baby in 18 weeks and have nowhere to store the mountain of baby clothes that I have
  • I've been sick all week and instead of doing anything, I have watched 2 seasons of Hart of Dixie
  • I'm sitting here blogging instead of doing any number of the above activities that need seeing to... 
I wonder if I'm just addicted to that feeling of idleness followed by frantic activity?  Signs point to yes. 

Anyway, I'm back.  Mostly to document the impending arrival of Baby Beet and share in the hilarity that is life with a three year old.  


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