14 Dec 2015

Sleep is everything

I went to pee this morning and I came back to this...

Really?!  Really REALLY?!  Look at all that room!  And you choose to lay on my side hogging my $150 pillow and spread your tiny body the whole way across the bed?

I was re-reading my posts re the Mushroom and his sleeping and I'm proud to say that he's not that bad now.  Of course, now that I've talked about it, it'll all go to shit.  Sleep is everything.

We've worked really hard to get the Mushroom to stay in his bed at night.  What is it with small children and wanting to be near you all the time?  I love that he loves us.  I love that he wants to sleep with us.  I mean he's adorable, however, I do not love his wriggly sweaty head on top of mine all night.  I do not love his bony feet kicking me in my back/bum/face.  I DO not love clinging to the edge of the bed at 3.28am thinking homicidal thoughts.  Sleep is everything.

So if he comes in before 4am, we put him back.  Sorry, correction, I put him back.  I'm the mean one.  I scoop him up and cart 14kg of sweaty toddler down the hallway and plop him back in his bed amid muttered protestations and half-arsed attempts to stay awake.  At first, he would come back in half an hour later.  I just persisted.  My bed is mine.  Sleep is everything.

The Mushroom is so clever that he soon clicked that it was his mother who put him back in his bed.  If he could get in on Daddy's side and not wake up Mummy then he could stay in the bed because Juffin gets out of bed for nothing.  As in nothing at all.  He would literally have to be on fire before he'll get out of bed.  I envy him.

So here we are with a sneaky toddler and Juffin, aka Sleeping Beauty.  Most nights Mushroom sleeps through and sneaks in around 5ish.  This I don't mind.  I also don't mind if he sneaks in earlier on Juffin's side and I have no idea.  Because I'm asleep and sleep is everything.  I just don't want the kicky feet and the sweaty head crush.  Because... say it with me, SLEEP IS EVERYTHING!

I'm already in mourning for when my boy inevitably stops wanting to be close to me as our morning cuddles are so wonderful, Those little hands about my head and that breathy 'it's morning time Mummy' is so gorgeous my poor ol heart can barely take it!  I just wish he would stay still and lay in the correct posish.  I get up to pee and he goes all horizontal and eagle like. I just wanted five more minutes because SLEEP IS EVERYTHING!