22 Mar 2016


Things are going to get a bit TMI in this post.  I'm sorry, I can't help but overshare all my shit.  It's just who I am.

Today after Juffin and Mushroom left I lay down on the bed to check facebook and fell asleep.  For an hour!  An hour!!  I woke up at 10 to 9 and had that gaspy OMG moment because I have to be at work by 9.30 and it takes 15 minutes to get there... despite this I still got in the shower and put make up on but I can't show up to work without warpaint on.  It just doesn't happen.  Everyone asks you all day if you're ok, and if you're feeling alright.  It literally makes you feel like shit.

So you're kinda up shit's creek if you wear make-up on a daily basis and then don't.

Because people will ultimately assume that you're having some sort of mental episode or that you're very unwell.

Woah, tangent!

Anyway, as I squashed myself into my uniform, I marvelled that yet again it's no pants weather and it's 9am.  I'm still having cold showers twice a day.  I've lived in North Queensland a long bloody time, but I'm astonished by how disgustingly hot it still is a week out from Easter.

I drove past the Tyre Right carpark thermometer this morning and it said 32c.

32c at 9.20am is fucking disgusting.

When it's this hot, you have to use words like moist.  And I hate the word moist.  But fuck, it's moist.

I sweat all the way to work, then by the time I get cool again I have to get back out in it...  Then I sweat all the way back to pick up Mushroom, I sweat sitting by the pool for swimming lessons, I sweat when I get home and start cooking dinner... Sweat dripping down my back, boobs rubbing, thighs... ewww... face uber shiny, skin constantly filmy. and my vjayjay is itchy as all hell as the hair is starting to grow back and I just want to cry.

So please, God of whatever, if you exist, please, please, PLEASE!!! TURN THE FUCKING HEAT DOWN.  My itchy ass vjayjay and the heat rash on my boobs would be so fucking appreciative!

See, the Mushroom's not even moving it's so HOT!