16 Mar 2016


I guess I'm not the only one who thinks I've been pregnant forever. The Mushroom is also wondering when Baby Beet will make their appearance.

When you having the baby Mum?

Is the baby ready to come out yet?

Your belly is very huge Mummy.

Is the baby beet ready yet?

How will it come out Mummy? Out of your puku (belly)?

And my absolute favourite one so far... Look at your big bum Mummy. 

Little turd.

In light of the difficult questions re Baby Beet's entrance into the world, we thought we'd better have a conversation.  Cue awkward parental explanation here....

There was some talk about when the baby is due and how long it takes for baby to grow, we watch the babycenter videos, we talk about why boys are different to girls... it all comes back to the doodle. Eventually we get down to it.

Mushroom and Daddy have a doodle but Mummy doesn't have a doodle.  Mummy has a hole instead. Yep, we said HOLE.  So when the baby is ready, in a few weeks, Mummy will start getting a sore back and a sore tummy and get very grumpy and then she'll have to go to the hospital and push the baby out and then we can meet the baby and have cuddles and it'll all be wonderful and gorgeous and grand.

He was taking it all in and THEN the Mushroom said:

So the baby is going to come out of your SPECIAL HOLE Mummy?

My special hole.

And can you make a cat in your belly Mummy?

Give me strength.  

Here I am putting ice-cream into my OTHER special hole